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Halloran Recreation Center and Ice Skating Rink
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Halloran Recreation Center and Ice Skating Rink

3550 W. 117 Street,Cleveland, OH 44111

Halloran isn’t your average skating rink; it’s a Cleveland Recreation Center, and as such, its focus is on kids and family fun. Almost daily, the wes…

Halloran isn’t your average skating rink; it’s a Cleveland Recreation Center, and as such, its focus is on kids and family fun. Almost daily, the west-side rink offers open ice or roller skating sessions for families, and even for toddlers. (Active parents, take note – Adult Roller Hockey is held most Friday nights – check the schedule, if you dare!) During the warmer months, the center is popular for its water spray park and other outdoor amenities. Inside the rec center, older kids can participate in a leadership club, and Halloran’s staff makes itself available for homework help some school day afternoons, and most days after school, kids can enjoy (supervised) table games and other activities. Twelve-to-sixteen year olds can join Halloran’s Leadership Club, which helps with community events held at the rink.

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Halloran Recreation Center and Ice Skating Rink, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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